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Culture • 7 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Carrie Dolan
Life has a funny way of trying to fit people into similar molds. The human brain makes sense of the world through order, so when square peg people don’t fit into the round holes of society, things get uncomfortable.

Education • 3 minute read

Your SWIFT/BIC code cheat sheet
Founded in 1973, the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network connects more than 11,000 financial institutions around the globe, enabling reliable wire transfers in a secure environment.

Education • 5 minute read

Your guide to the Moov ACH Gateway
The Moov ACH Gateway is a customizable payment gateway that enables automated ACH operations including file uploading and downloading. When paired with our test harness, which acts as a financial institution, achgateway serves as the final puzzle piece for ACH transactions.

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Culture • 5 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Josh Sadler
Not many people can say that the Scholastic book catalog set their entire career in motion. While other fourth-graders chose books like Animorphs and Goosebumps, I decided to purchase an HTML book for kids.

Company • 5 minute read

5 reasons to attend fintech_devcon
After announcing fintech_devcon earlier this year, we’ve been blown away by the positive response. Not only are developers eager to finally attend a conference dedicated to them, but it’s exciting to see that people are ready for in-person events again.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Joel Tosi
Why did I join Moov? Well, it all started back in 2001, when a much younger Joel Tosi entered the payments world with a head full of hair and a heart full of childlike idealism.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Aaron Bell
A few years ago, a fintech company came to me with a formidable task. “We’d like you to build a new product in four months,” they said, straight-faced and so matter-of-factly that the engineer in me felt an exciting adrenaline rush followed by a pragmatic gag reflex.

Culture • 3 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Jared Jones
In 2014 I had the privilege of joining a small San Francisco-based fintech startup. I worked with some incredible people, and we achieved impressive results along the way.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Vince Xiao
My path to working at an embedded payments startup isn’t as straightforward as I would’ve hoped. In college, I studied finance and computer science with the singular goal of joining a big hedge fund as a programmer.

Culture • 2 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Josephine Roh
Edtech. Fintech. B2B consulting. I’ve dabbled in several different industries, but I’ve always found ways to incorporate writing into my previous roles, from customer success to UX research and analytics.

Company • 3 minute read

Announcing Moov’s $27M Series A round
We started Moov in 2017 to lend a trusted hand to developers building or integrating financial products. After more than 15 years of experience developing digital banking solutions, core banking, and payments, we knew that banking infrastructure could be better.

Product • 3 minute read

Paying independent contractors
The US economy’s makeup has shifted significantly over the last decade as more individuals have opted to work as independent contractors, commonly known as freelancers, in various marketplaces.

Education • 4 minute read

August recap of Moov community working groups
The recap This month marked the first meetings of the Moov ACH and ICL working groups. Our first of many ongoing monthly meetings where community members come together and discuss how we can improve our open source projects.

Company • 4 minute read

Making Moov
First of all, hi, we’re Moov. We’re a new company with a mission to bring joy to developers tasked with building on top of the United States banking and payments infrastructure.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Walt Cox
Financial Services in the US thrive on legacy technology. They are shrouded in payment jargon operating on top of COBOL systems processing trillions of dollars with text-based files.

Education • 3 minute read

Contributing to Moov open source docs (part 1)
The documentation for our open source projects is here to serve you, the community. We’re always interested in feedback from those using our open source libraries and incredibly thankful to anyone willing to contribute to them.