Company Our fintech_devcon speaker lineup – Part 4
The anticipation for fintech_devcon is reaching its peak, and we’re thrilled to unveil this fourth and final speaker lineup. Once again, we’re honored to showcase the exceptional leaders and builders who will be gracing our event.

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Why I joined Moov: Devin Beliveau
I’ve been interested in computers and technology since my family got its first Apple computer in the 90s. I spent my time creating LiveJournal themes in HTML, and being in awe of the Space Jam website (it was a very different time).
Why I joined Moov: Henry Kivett
You know that weird, quiet kid in the back of the class? That was me. When I wasn’t nose-down in a dog-eared paperback, I was furiously writing stories in my wrinkly legal pad.


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The beginner’s introduction to card issuing
From a consumer’s perspective, debit and credit cards are relatively straightforward. You sign up for a card, and you use that card to pay for goods or services – either with money directly from your account (for debit card purchases) or with borrowed money that you’ll pay back (for credit card purchases).


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Product release roundup: Feb ‘23
At Moov, we believe problem-solving should take priority over shiny new technology. While we love breaking the payments mold (in 2022, we became the only cloud-native acquiring payments Processor), we’re also laser-focused on getting the details right—down to the tiniest transactions.