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Why I joined Moov: Devin Beliveau
I’ve been interested in computers and technology since my family got its first Apple computer in the 90s. I spent my time creating LiveJournal themes in HTML, and being in awe of the Space Jam website (it was a very different time).
Why I joined Moov: Henry Kivett
You know that weird, quiet kid in the back of the class? That was me. When I wasn’t nose-down in a dog-eared paperback, I was furiously writing stories in my wrinkly legal pad.


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The beginner’s introduction to card issuing
From a consumer’s perspective, debit and credit cards are relatively straightforward. You sign up for a card, and you use that card to pay for goods or services – either with money directly from your account (for debit card purchases) or with borrowed money that you’ll pay back (for credit card purchases).


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