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Moov is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for embedding banking services within any application. Join our rapidly growing ecosystem of software developers and sponsor banks and never be left behind with proprietary vendors again!

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Zach Bruhnke, Co-Founder HMBradley

Zach Bruhnke, Co-Founder HMBradley

March 9, 2020

What Moov is doing is exactly what this industry needs – A team that knows the industry inside and out collaborating to re-build everything. With more and more banks making a shift towards FinTech, that don’t have the institutional knowledge to manage compliance and technology at scale, the kind of tools Moov is building are exactly what will push all of us forward. Of all the people and teams I’m excited about in FinTech Moov is at the top of my list.

Mengxi Lu, Mission Lane

Mengxi Lu, Mission Lane

March 8, 2020

Working at Lendup and now Mission Lane I have built technologies that power US consumer lending. I am a big fan of Moov and wish we would have had it when we started; it could have saved us a lot of time and effort!

Tyler McIntyre, Founder Novo

Tyler McIntyre, Founder Novo

January 3, 2020

As a fintech, Moov’s repositories have helped us build a lot of our banking stack from scratch, allowing us to deploy in production faster than signing an NDA at a typical vendor

Jordan Wright, CEO Atomic

Jordan Wright, CEO Atomic

January 3, 2020

We ran across Moov while doing some research on our upcoming NACHA file implementation. We were expecting to go through a terrible process when it came to creating and validating NACHA files. The Moov team has made that process straight-forward and simple. They’re breaking down the traditional walls and creating an easier playing field for all.

Ray Johnson, VP LindenLabs

Ray Johnson, VP LindenLabs

January 11, 2020

LindenLab, the maker of SecondLife, is leveraging Moov to support players who earn money within the SecondLife virtual world to be paid out directly. We evaluated many ACH services and Moov’s open-source approach allowed us to create the most correct and compelling implementation quicker than other options.

Eric Peterson, BillGO

Eric Peterson, BillGO

January 7, 2020

The Moov ach project has helped BillGO integrate with multiple financial institutions under tight timelines, and worked really well. The active community support has been invaluable.

Bob Hitch, ACS Technologies

Bob Hitch, ACS Technologies

January 15, 2020

Moov’s libraries have helped us bring added functionality to our clients quicker than we could’ve done alone. The Moov community is a hidden gem—an unexpected breath of fresh air!

About Us

Developer Focused

Developers love Moov’s open platform because it lets them build quickly and extend to fit your requirements. Open communities dwarf closed door companies and legacy vendors while being inviting spaces for collaboration across industries. Moov exists to solve the critical pain point of developers dealing with proprietary banking infrastructure.

Empowered Institutions

Moov-Enabled banking allows all financial institutions to grow new customers, deposits, and fee revenue. All while reducing operating costs and leveraging best of class software. Never ask your legacy vendor for permission to innovate again!

Fintech Connector

Join The Herd. Financial Institutions and Fintechs can all agree that we need to iterate faster and not be beholden to a gatekeeper choosing winners and losers. Moov removes the boundaries of traditional branch banking systems and empowers developers and financial institutions to leverage a banking infrastructure designed for the cloud economy.

We’re A Banking as a Service Provider.

BaaS for short; describes our technology stack in which licensed banks offer their chartered capabilities directly into the products of other non-bank businesses. This way, a non-bank business can offer their direct customers digital banking services such as fiat based balances, debit cards, loans and payment services, without needing to acquire a banking license of their own.

Secure & Compliant

We’re no strangers to vendor due diligence! Moov provides annual SOC II audits, external penetration tests, and PCI AOC. We happily work with FinCEN, OCC, NCUA and your state auditor to ensure consumers are secure.

Cloud-Native or On-Premise

Leveraging orchestrated containers our technology stack is capable of running on any cloud provider or bare metal. Customers can leverage Moov Cloud and our SLA’s, DR, and BCP plans or license Moov Enterprise for a production ready cluster.

Network Effect

Big banks and Big Tech have already invested billions into technology solutions, keeping others out and unable to catch up. Join The Heard; it’s the only way to compete with big spending. With worldwide developers working around the clock from hundreds of companies you can leverage the knowledge of the network.

Here to Help!

Fintech, Bank, Tech Company, Merchant, or any other name you call yourself. We’re here to help with our decades of experience. Join or Slack channel or get on a Zoom where we can discuss your needs. If Moov isn’t the right solution for your team we will use our decades of experience to point you in the right direction.


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Our Products

ACH Processing

Create, Validate and process NACHA ACH Files with the industries leading library. Moov Paygate additionally provides a RESTful API enabling Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions to be submitted and received without a deep understanding of a file specification.


Moov Customers solves authentic identification of humans who are legally able to hold and transfer currency within the US. Focused on solving Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP), Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) checks and verification workflows to comply with US federal law and ensure authentic transfers.


Moov Accounts is a dual ledger supporting FBO (For Benefit Of) deposits. Work continues on Savings, Time Deposit, Custodial, and DDA accounts.


Moov Watchman is an HTTP API to download, parse and offer search functions over numerous trade sanction lists from the United States, European Union governments, agencies, and non profits for complying with regional laws. Also included is a web UI and async webhook notification service to initiate processes on remote systems.

Wire Transfers

Moov Wire supports domestic FedWire transactions, allowing our customers to create, review, and handle wires.

Image Cash Letter

Record paper check and related payment data as images during the item capture process and transmit them to us for clearing and settlement. Image Cash Letter reduces the costs, time and risks associated with transporting paper checks.

Slack w/ Industry Experts & Full Transparency

Our slack community is full of payment and banking experts from around the world. Join the conversations from software development to risk management. You can even join our daily #standup!

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Our Team


Bob Smith


Keeping every opportunity moving forward in mutual success - Bob leads strategic relationships at Moov.


Adam Shannon

Senior Software Engineer

Taming bits and herding developers. Adam leads the software architecture and infrastructure at Moov.


Brooke Kline

Senior Software Engineer

With an industry background spanning Bank Internet, FIS, Capital One, and Finxact - Brooke brings the experience of knowing how to build a core.


Wade Arnold

Project Founder

Moov was born out of my personal frustration to unleash innovation within Fintech devoid of the limitations of legacy systems.

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Moov is a software company with decades of experience in banking, payments, and regulatory scrutiny. Were happy to help your team figure out the best go to market strategy for your latest creation or assist your development team in integrating our projects into your larger solution.