Data Sync: Fast, flexible access to payments data

Moving money is moving data.

So, when Moov enables payments across all the major rails, what we’re really doing is creating a single source of truth for all that data. Receiving, sending, and storing; through card, ACH, RTP, and most everything else—it’s all in there.

And now it’s all available and useful to our customers.

Powered by Moov’s event-based architecture, our newest feature, Data Sync, delivers real-time payment insights to all of our customers—starting today.

A little background

Companies often have fast and flexible access to data across every aspect of their business—except payments.

Payment data, for the most part, still comes canned in daily, or even weekly, batched CSV files. This lag in data results in delays to decision making and the batch formatting creates extra work for teams tasked with turning transaction reports into something useful in a timely manner.

How it works

Data Sync accelerates how businesses are able to view and use their payments data. With Data Sync, our customers are able to create comprehensive insights by bringing their payments data seamlessly into their entire commerce ecosystem. Data Sync makes it possible to link transaction data with inventory, customer profiles, promo codes, supply chain sequencing, and more—and it makes it happen within a single interface and within seconds of payment initiation.

Data Sync’s benefits include:

  • Access to near-real-time payments data in your data warehouse
  • No ETL required
  • No costs for data storage or egress
  • Complete control of your financial data
  • The ability to analyze your financial data on your terms
  • Extensibility for your data in the BI tools you love, like Looker and Tableau
  • Granular control over access

Our customers will also be able to write and execute their own queries against their Moov data—including accounts, transfers, refunds, disputes, wallets, transactions, payment methods, and interchange/card scheme fees. They’ll also be able to gather historical data from before Data Sync’s availability into their warehouses to create a complete picture of their transactional history.

placeholderimage Moov CEO Wade Arnold announcing Data Sync at Google Cloud Next ‘24

Backed and secured by Google

Data Sync is built on top of two of the best enterprise-grade data platforms in the world—Google Analytics Hub and BigQuery. This underlying global infrastructure ensures that we’re able to deliver data reliably at scale. By partnering with Google Cloud, we’re able to offer an elegant solution for our customers to access their data, securely, affordably, and faster than ever.

User permissions are securely managed via Google’s user authentication. If you’re using BigQuery today, you can pull in your payments data with a single query within your existing console interface. If you’re new to BigQuery, you can use your existing Google user account and subscribe to the custom data set we’ve carved out specifically for you.

Learn more

Want to learn more? Reach out today to find out how Data Sync can accelerate your ability to view and use your payments data. Or, if you prefer using a digital marketplace, Moov’s payments solutions are already on Google Cloud Marketplace—and Data Sync will be available there soon!

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