Why I joined Moov: Josephine Roh

Edtech. Fintech. B2B consulting. I’ve dabbled in several different industries, but I’ve always found ways to incorporate writing into my previous roles, from customer success to UX research and analytics. The truth is, I believe that words matter. And I believe in their ability to instruct, unlock ideas, and inspire.

As I looked for a shift in my career, I stumbled upon Moov through AngelList. I was immediately intrigued. Here was a fresh, well-funded fintech taking on considerable problems in the embedded banking space. The team appeared nimble, and they were hiring technical writers from the get-go, not as an afterthought. I didn’t have extensive payment experience, but I was interested in the problem space. The opportunity seemed promising, so I applied.

The director of product reached out to me, and the interview process kicked off. Everyone I chatted with was friendly, transparent, and passionate. It became clear that the folks here didn’t have big egos, despite their resumes. Everyone is on a mission to build an incredible platform while working remotely across numerous states. Despite the various career backgrounds, everyone is hustling to make Moov possible. I saw Moov as a place where I could grow in my career.

I was excited about joining a startup again and was keen on finding a role that had a respectful, innovative, collaborative culture that was also 100% remote.

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Since joining the team as a Technical Writer, I’ve been defining the structure and content for our docs site. You’ll have to excuse the mess as we work in the open. Still, this resource is a centralized place for folks to read up on our product features, understand the behind-the-scenes aspects of various payment rails, and get additional context about our client libraries.

I also started the Moov book club. The group meets every Friday as we make our way through a backlog of book recommendations. It’s been enjoyable connecting with various teammates from different parts of the company. It’s a time for us to share learnings, build relationships, and deepen our understanding of payments, fintech, and building impactful ecosystems. Luckily for us, we already have some experts in-house like Joel and Jared.

I’m excited to play my part in building a world-class documentation experience—writing valuable guides for our APIs and SDKs—which should all be a natural extension of the product itself.

This is why I joined Moov—and why you should too.

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