Josephine Roh

Senior Technical Writer

Josephine is a senior techinal writer, overseeing Moov’s API docs.

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Product release roundup: Feb ‘23
At Moov, we believe problem-solving should take priority over shiny new technology. While we love breaking the payments mold (in 2022, we became the only cloud-native acquiring payments Processor), we’re also laser-focused on getting the details right—down to the tiniest transactions.
The beginner’s introduction to card issuing
From a consumer’s perspective, debit and credit cards are relatively straightforward. You sign up for a card, and you use that card to pay for goods or services – either with money directly from your account (for debit card purchases) or with borrowed money that you’ll pay back (for credit card purchases).
COVID-19 and the adoption of RTP
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-examine daily life as we knew it. Because of this shift, fresh opportunities for innovation surfaced in many different sectors.
The beginner’s guide to real-time payments
Real-time payments (RTP) is a payments network owned by The Clearing House (TCH). RTP enables 24/7 real-time electronic payments in the US, meaning you can transfer and receive funds immediately over its network at any time.
Why I joined Moov: Josephine Roh
Edtech. Fintech. B2B consulting. I’ve dabbled in several different industries, but I’ve always found ways to incorporate writing into my previous roles, from customer success to UX research and analytics.