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Announcing Moov’s $45M Series B funding
When I started in fintech, it wasn’t commonly called fintech yet. We just called it financial services back then. In that previous life, I spent a lot of time connecting to processors, and a lot of banking cores—42 of them, if I remember right.
Announcing the 2022 fintech_devcon conference
We’re excited to announce that our flagship developer conference is back and ready to bring together builders in 2022. fintech_devcon started as a way to democratize fintech knowledge across payments, compliance, finance, and more.
Announcing Moov’s $27M Series A round
We started Moov in 2017 to lend a trusted hand to developers building or integrating financial products. After more than 15 years of experience developing digital banking solutions, core banking, and payments, we knew that banking infrastructure could be better.