Introducing the speakers of fintech_devcon 2022

I always wanted to host a fintech developer conference—the type where I wouldn’t have to dress up or smile for PR interviews. I just wanted a place to be myself, get inspired, and learn from like-minded people: the creators, developers, founders, and product geeks designing new technologies and bringing amazing products to market.

Last year, that dream became a reality. We safely brought together 500 people for fintech_devcon — the first-ever conference for fintech developers designed to unlock knowledge and bring about the next decade of financial innovation. No demos. No pitches. Just 2+ days of learning, connecting, and sharing knowledge.

And now we’re back at it again.

For 2022, we received 121 call-for-papers submissions for our two-day program. Simply amazing! Everyone made our decision process incredibly challenging (just ask our events team). Of course, we couldn’t be more ecstatic about this year’s speakers and sponsors, and we’ll get to that in a bit. More importantly, fintech_devcon is bigger than the speaker names, titles, and companies getting involved. It’s about gathering a community of builders.

Community is a superpower. It’s bringing us together in a space that we can call our own while allowing us all to be honest and vulnerable about our challenges. That’s the beauty of community—going at it together.

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This conference is just one small piece of the broader fintech ecosystem, but it allows builders to meet people from all over and get honest advice from those who have been through it, built it, and shipped it. That type of connection and knowledge-sharing never gets old.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m genuinely in awe of this community. Whether you’re planning to purchase a ticket, watch the content later, become a sponsor (yes, there’s still time!), or just plan to lurk on the fintech_devcon twitter profile, your involvement matters. None of this would be possible without you.

And now, the talks. (Head over to the fintech_devcon website if you want to skip ahead to the specific names, talk titles, and details.)

Roadblock talks will share knowledge and lessons learned while building payments and fintech products. They are a 40-minute deep-dive mixed with industry insights. You’ll hear from principal developers and industry leaders from companies like:

  • Skyflow
  • Stripe
  • Alloy
  • Autobooks
  • Prizepool
  • Daylight
  • Braid
  • Moov
  • Fragment
  • Plaid
  • TrueAccord
  • Orum
  • Peek
  • Abound
  • And more

Workshops will be hands-on keyboard coding sessions. You will walk away with a tangible lesson learned or project completed. Colleagues at some great companies are leading this year’s workshops:

  • Currencycloud
  • Lithic
  • US Bank
  • FinGoal
  • Paxos
  • Wave
  • Twisp
  • Basis Theory
  • Rightfoot
  • Baseline Protocol
  • Mifos
  • And more

Of course, we have an intimate fireside chat and a couple standing-ovation worthy panels in the works. We’ll share those details, the charity event, and a few more surprises soon enough.

The main stage will host our keynotes, but I’m only sharing a few today. I’ve got to withhold a few surprises back to keep the buzz going!

It’s an honor to share that we’ll get the chance to hear from Anshu Sharma, the Co-founder and CEO of Skyflow., Eddie Kim, the Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Gusto, has also agreed to take the stage. I know I’ll be front row for both of these inspiring talks.

For those who want to attend but are challenged by the necessary resources to do so, please consider applying to our scholarship opportunity. In honor of my dear friend, Brandon Dewitt, and in partnership with our friends at MX, we’re offering the #JustDewitt scholarship for six winners. This will cover round-trip flights, four nights lodging, and a conference badge. This is one small way to honor Brandon’s legacy while making the conference more accessible. To learn more, visit our #JustDewitt scholarship blog post.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a plug to our sponsors. These teams and companies genuinely put their money where their mouth is by supporting this cause.

Skyflow, Stripe, JPMorgan Chase, Lithic, MX, Plinqit, Alloy, Argyle, Basis Theory, Codat, Currencycloud, First National Bank of Omaha, Method, Teleport, Very Good Security, Visa, Bitrise, Block, Rise from Barclays, Plaid, and Stytch

From my team and the entire fintech developer community, thank you for making fintech_devcon 2022 possible.

Now, quit DMing me for discount codes—they took those away from me this year! I hope you can see just how insane this year will be, and I want to see everyone in the Mile High City on August 23-25, 2022. Let’s go!

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