Henry Kivett

Senior Content Writer

Henry is the Senior Content Writer at Moov. He’s been waiting his entire life for this moment, right now, when you—that’s right YOU—finally read this bio. And now, he can rest.

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Our fintech_devcon speaker lineup – Part 4
The anticipation for fintech_devcon is reaching its peak, and we’re thrilled to unveil this fourth and final speaker lineup. Once again, we’re honored to showcase the exceptional leaders and builders who will be gracing our event.
Our fintech_devcon speaker lineup – Part 3
It’s time for our third fintech_devcon speaker lineup and the fintech superstars just keep coming! We’re excited, grateful, and humbled to have so many amazing builders and leaders willing to share their expertise with the developer community.
Our fintech_devcon speaker lineup – Part 1
We’re in the home stretch! With just a month left, the excitement is palpable as we eagerly await the fintech festivities to commence (by the way, if you haven’t joined the fun yet, there’s still time to register).
Why I joined Moov: Henry Kivett
You know that weird, quiet kid in the back of the class? That was me. When I wasn’t nose-down in a dog-eared paperback, I was furiously writing stories in my wrinkly legal pad.