Moov is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

If you’ve spent significant time working with cloud vendors, you know that whatever new feature that any one provider trots out, another can typically replicate in short order. Don’t get me wrong, there are differences—but what’s mattered the most for us hasn’t been the bells and whistles. We want a true partnership, which means working with a team that values collaboration and wants our customers to be successful.

With that emphasis on partnership in mind, we’re excited to announce that Moov is deepening our technology relationship with Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud has been our cloud services provider for years but, as of May 8, 2023, the Moov platform is available for purchase in the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows existing Google Cloud users to purchase and integrate our payments processing capabilities more quickly and confidently—and extends Moov’s reach to the 2+ million businesses currently using Google Cloud.

But this is about more than just distribution and access, it’s about moving the entire industry forward with solutions that only Google can provide. Moov is actively applying GCP solutions like Private Service Connect to ensure safe, reliable, and high-speed data connections for our joint customers.

Collaborating with Google Cloud is a no-brainer for us, in part, because of their expertise—after all, they developed the Kubernetes container orchestration that’s become the gold standard for all the major cloud providers. Their data capabilities are second to none; they’ll ensure security for our customers; and some of the most important financial service providers in America are urging us to meet them in their cloud of choice—Google.

But we’re also choosing to grow with Google Cloud because of how they operate. We share a vision. We’re both committed to moving past frustrating traditional technology models and delivering the next generation of technology in a way that’s faster, safer, smarter, and just better.

Everyone at Moov is thrilled about this collaboration. If you’re interested in learning more or jumpstarting your payments journey with the Google Cloud Marketplace, check out our listing. If you’re interested in learning more about Moov, get in touch with us today.

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