Moov Wallets

Add balances & an automated ledger.

Enable complex money movement & simple reconciliation for added value, loyalty, & convenience.

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Adding a wallet is easy—just ask for one. Moov handles the data collection & security requirements automatically, then, poof, you have a wallet.

Transfer between wallets instantly

Rapidly move money between Moov Wallets 24/7. Users also benefit from faster deposits & withdrawals.

Add funds or cash out

It's simple. Fund wallets with ACH or with card acquiring. Cash out to a bank account or spend with an issued card.

Track every transaction

Moov makes transaction management easy by automatically correlating transactions to the original payment method.

How it works

Ledger infrastructure for stored value.

Wallets store funds & provide control over when & how to move money. They work with all payment rails to easily support complex use cases & can be used in your card issuing program.

  • Provide one place to accumulate collected payments
  • Make transfers between wallets instant & simple
  • Offer pre-funding to a wallet for faster payouts
  • Give users added control to cash out from their wallet at any time
Workflows & automations

Transfer groups make complex flows simple.

Implement transfer groups to associate multiple transfers together & run them sequentially. In a chain of transfers, transfer groups help make the final beneficiary aware of incoming funds before they land in their wallet & gives you more control over the flow of funds. Even the most complex flows are easy to create & report on.

Issuing enablement

Attach cards to wallets with custom spend controls.

Give your users more ways to spend their accumulated funds by issuing virtual cards.

More about issuing with Moov

Moov Drops

Themeable drop-in components that help you go to market faster (minutes vs. months) & with less compliance overhead. Saves countless design & development hours.

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See what we’ve built so far & what we’re adding daily to power better experiences.

Deliver better experiences with Moov.

Moov orchestrates the entire money movement story from start to finish, giving you visibility & control over the whole experience.

Faster access to funds

Collected funds settle into a Moov wallet & can be sent to any other wallet instantly, paid out to a bank account, or spent on a virtual card.

Open-loop payments

Wallets allow you to bring money in & send money out on different payment rails with a single integration.

Outstanding onboarding

Sign your users up for the capabilities they want, including Moov wallets. We remove the headache of running KYC & KYB checks, AML, sanctions screening, MATCH™ checks, & more.

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