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Money movement

Funds flows

Accept money

Accept payments directly or allow your users to accept payments.

Store money

Moov wallets can be funded for payouts or be used for merchant services.

Send money

Send payouts to linked bank accounts or to other Moov wallets.

Spend money

Issue single-use virtual cards for corporate spending from Moov wallets.

Rail agnostic

Universal transfers

One interface to transfer funds between any two sources, using any payment options. Learn more

Subscribe to updates

Let your users know exactly where their money is and when things change.

Generated payment methods

When a user links a bank account or card, we create the payment methods that your user can choose when involved in a transfer.

Transfer options utility

Pass in an amount and a source or destination and we’ll give you the payment methods available.

Transfer groups

Create transfers that kick off when a previous transfer is completed. Chain multiple transfers together to handle complex flows easily.

Monetize transfers

Optionally set a markup or calculated fee for each transfer. Fee income will be distributed to your Moov wallet.

Granular statuses

Track a transfer like it’s a package being delivered. Get the overall status as well as rail-specific statuses.


Pass around unique identifiers instead of sensitive data.


Add your own key-value pairs to transfers you create.

Sync or async

Choose to fire-and-forget or wait for a payment rail response when creating a transfer.

Moov Wallets


Available balance usable immediately from the wallet.

Instant wallet transfers

Moving funds between Moov Wallets happens right away.

Simple creation

Request the wallet capability and get one immediately if KYC is already passed.


View historical transactions tightly correlated to payment data.

Running balance

Observe the impact that each transaction has on the available balance of a wallet.

Near real-time balance updates

Subscribe to balance updates as they happen rather than having to ask.

Transaction types

Filter by transaction type to understand what’s fee revenue vs top-ups vs payments and more.

Add funds & cash out

Easily add funds to a wallet or cash out to a linked bank account.

Bank accounts

Link bank accounts

Collected bank account information for your users securely and we’ll check eligibility across different payment networks.

Verify bank accounts with micro-deposits

Initiate same-day micro-deposits to verify bank accounts before debiting them.

Instant account verification with MX

Moov is partnered with MX to provide instant account verification.

Instant account verification with Plaid

Moov is partnered with Plaid to provide instant account verification.

Routing number validation

Validate routing numbers as your users type them against of list of all financial institutions in the US.

Bank logo repository

Show a bank’s logo whenever you show a bank account or bank by routing number.

Bank account updates

If we receive a notice of change from the bank, we’ll apply the corrections automatically.


Same-day debits

All ACH debits are made with same-day ACH for a better and faster experience.

Same-day credits

Send funds faster with same-day ACH. Windows are 10am, 2:15pm, and 4:15pm ET.

Next-day credits

Send funds via standard ACH. Not as fast as same-day, but it gets the job done. 5:30pm ET cut-off window.

Expedited ACH funding

For approved use cases, remove the risk hold on ACH debits to get access to funds faster.

Regulation E compliant

From handling returns and properly formatting what shows up in bank statements, let Moov handle it.

Nacha file creation

Moov handles the creation of the character-delimited files and uploads them to the Fed. Built on our open source ACH library.

Automatic SEC codes

Moov applies the appropriate Standard Entry Class Code. Mostly PPD, WEB and CCD.

Reversals, returns, & NOCs

ACH is full of rough edge cases. Moov smooths these out for you and shows you exactly what happened.

Webhooks for returns

Use Moov’s webhook subscriptions to receive notifications when ACH returns occur.

Instant disbursements

TCH RTP® technology provider

Directly certified and redundantly connected to The Clearing House RTP® network.

TCH RTP® credit push

Send money to bank accounts in near-real-time with RTP®, 24/7/365 with no reversals.

Auto-upgrade bank accounts

Moov will automatically detect if a bank account is eligible to receive payments via RTP®.

Visa Direct

Moov enables push-to-card transactions with connectivity to Visa Direct.

Mastercard Send

Send push-to-card transactions for instant availability of funds with Mastercard Send

Card eligibility detection

Most debit cards support credit transactions, but Moov tells you definitively when you add a card.

Card acquiring

Card network processor

Direct redundant connections to the card networks including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, and Discover®.

Card-not-present payments

Accept card payments or allow businesses you onboard to accept card payments from the major card brands.


Securely collect payment card details like card number, expiration date, CVV, and zip code using Moov Drops.

Card verification

Moov normalizes results between card brands for CVV and address checks that you can use for your own risk management.

Card verification step-up

For card-on-file use cases, ask a user to confirm their CVV to prevent account takoever fraud.

Apple Pay

Accept Apple Pay on the web with the Payment Request API.

Google Pay

Allow your buyers to pay with Google Pay on the web.

Coming soon
Fast settlement to Moov wallets

Instead of settling acquired funds via ACH to a bank account, funds settle directly into your Moov wallet, providing faster access.

Monetize card payments

Choose how you price card payments to your merchants by marking up interchange or charging a flat rate.

Split funding

Use transfer groups and Moov wallets to split funding between multiple participants as soon as funds settle.

Dynamic descriptors

Set transaction descriptions that show up on the payer’s bank statements.

Disputed transactions

Disputes happen. Get notified for every dispute along with the reason from the card network.


Issue full or partial refunds for any card transaction.

Cancel transactions

Cancel a card payment to reverse it and release funds back to the cardholder.

Card account updater

If a cardholder gets a new card, the card on file will be automatically updated so you can keep accepting payments.

Card type and issuer

Moov finds the card type and issuing bank for each linked card.

Decline codes

If a card issuer declines a payment, provide the appropriate next steps for your user, like trying again or trying a different card.

Registered payment facilitator

Streamline user onboarding and start processing payments within hours.

Card issuing

Instant issuance

Programmatically create virtual cards that are ready to use instantly.

Single-use virtual cards

Create a virtual card that can be used for a single transaction for vendor payments.

Fund with Moov Wallets

Spend funds from the available balance of a Moov wallet.

Program management

Moov not only brings the issuer-processing but also program management.

PCI-friendly Moov Drop

Embed issued cards in your app with a Moov Drop, reducing your PCI DSS requirements.

Developer tools



Browser-side SDK that simplifies interacting with the Moov API.

PII goes straight to Moov

You don’t need to handle SSN or other private data required from users.

npm i @moovio/moov-js

Import Moov.js into your JavaScript project from NPM.

TypeScript bindings

When you import Moov.js into your TypeScript project, your code editor will autocomplete methods.

Moov Drops

Card link

You don’t want to handle a card number yourself, pass it from your user right to Moov.

Security code challenge

Securely ask the user to confirm their card’s CVV to prevent account takeover fraud.


Let us handle the edge cases of creating accounts and going through KYC.

Payment methods

Capture bank account or card details from your users easily.

Issued cards

Embed issued cards in your app with a Moov Drop, reducing your PCI DSS requirements.

Secure data capture

Any data field can be sent directly to Moov with the same security as linking a payment card.

Server-side SDKs


Import Moov into your Node project to make interacting with the Moov API easier.


Use the Moov Go client to integrate Moov in your service.



Anything we can do you can do. And all JSON field names include all their vowels.

Reference docs

View detailed request and response bodies and headers in our public API docs.

Postman collection

To help make your development process simpler, we’ve published a Postman collection with example calls to our API.


Prevent duplicate transfers from being created.

API keys

Create any number of API keys for as many apps as you create.

Restrict API keys to domains

Improve your security posture by restricting API keys to just the domains on which you use them with Moov.js

Disable API keys

Roll your keys whenever you like.

Restrict keys with scopes

Generate an access token with only the ability to perform the actions you specify.


Test accounts

Build your integration against a sandboxed test account where anything goes.

Time-bending simulations

Simulate real situations, like micro-deposit verification, without having the wait for the realistic timing.

Invite to test account

Optionally limit members of your team to only have access to your test account and not production data.

Moov accounts

Test Moov accounts look just like real accounts except capabilities will automatically enable when requested.


Test your flow of funds once or constantly and simulate the settlement process.

Test cards

Test card acceptance and declines using test cards.

Test ACH returns

Simulate ACH returns to test your handling of them.

Events and webhooks


Set up any number of webhooks and subscribe to every event Moov has to offer, or just the ones you care about.

Webhook signatures

Verify webhook message coming from Moov with signing signatures.

Automatic retries

If we can’t reach your service, we promise we won’t spam it. We’ll retry with exponential backoffs before giving up.

Disable webhooks

If you want to toggle a webhook on or off, it’s a click of a button.


Pick the events you want to subscribe to, or pick all current and future ones.

Enable ChatOps

Send events to Slack to keep your operations team in the know.


Moov accounts

Create accounts

Anything your users can do, you can also do through the Moov Dashboard.

Form shortening

Start with an email address and get business or individual details from a number of public sources.

Manage accounts

View the Moov accounts that belong to your application.

Search across accounts

Find whomever you’re looking for. If you set a foreign ID on an account, you can search by it.

Automatic profile photos

We’ll find the best image of your users, if available, from public sources to put a face to the name.

Business logos

Businesses with websites may have a publicly available logo. If they do, we’ll make it available to you.

Address autocomplete

Use our address auto-completion utility to improve accuracy and create a better user experience.

Easier industry selection

Use our industry auto-completion utility to help users select the right industry for their business.



Request capabilities to enable your users for different funds flows.


Allow users to participate in transfers with a small amount of data and no KYC required.

Send funds

Onboard your users to enable them to send funds to other users.

Collect funds

Your users can charge other users.


Allow users to store funds in a wallet and use that wallet as a payment method.

Card issuing

Allow users to issue cards tied to their Moov wallet.


Fast turnaround

Near-instant automatic approvals for up to 98% of individual verifications.

Individual identity verification

Automated verification without requiring documents.

Algorithmic name matching

Account for common name permutations for a more forgiving and human verification.

Address normalization

Addresses are hard. We’ll normalize addresses as we try to verify them to improve results.

SSN last-four

Do more with less. The last four of a Social Security number is usually good enough.

Sanctions screening

Moov subscribes to the most valuable lists to identify bad actors.

Recurring screening

We’ll monitor all legal entities against sanctions lists on a regular basis without you having to worry about it.

Business verification

Automated verification of business registered with any of the 50 Secretary of States.

Beneficial owner verification

Understand the relationship between businesses and their owners.

Detailed verification errors

If something looks off, ask your users to correct it and know where their verification stands.

Subscribe to verification updates

Be in the know when the verification status changes for any of your users.

Terminiated Merchant File checks

Moov checks all new accounts against a TMF to prevent fraud and misuse.

Verification document upload

When required, easily provide documents for verification or underwriting via API or the Moov Dashboard.



Progressive web app

The latest in web standards for providing great experiences for the web. You can even install the Moov Dashboard on your desktop and mobile device.

Light and dark mode

It looks great in any mode, but honestly, dark mode is chef’s kiss.

Onboard yourself

We’ll walk you through what’s required to go live in the app and let you get to work.

Dashboard metrics

No jargon, just simple metrics that help you keep tabs on the most important things.

Simple permissions

Invite those in your company who need access and let them do just the things they need to.

Manage accounts

Anything your users can do, you can do too through the Moov Dashboard. Great for support teams.

View verification status

Know whether capabilities are already approved, rejected, waiting on manual review, or are missing data.

Manage transfers

Create transfers through our UI and view transfer activity across your app or account by account.

Search by transfer group

Find transfers that share the same transfer group ID and visualize the flow of funds.

Transfer timeline

Visualize every step of the money movement process so you always know where funds are.

Transfer peek preview

Quickly view the details of a transfer without having to navigate to the transfer details page.

Dispute management

View and manage disputes via the Dashboard or API.

Security & reliability

99.5% uptime

We get it, uptime is important, so we’re here for you.

Data privacy

We adhere to industry-standard best practices with regard to your privacy.

Independently tested

Moov contracts with security researchers and pen testers regularly to discover and remediate security vulnerabilities.

SSL & TLS encryption

Bank-level security protects your data and your users’ data, too.

SOC 2 Type 2

We regularly demonstrate that our controls and procedures are solid.

PCI Level I

Trust us, PCI compliance is a bear, and we take the burden seriously to make sure we handle the most sensitive data with care.

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