Card acquiring

Accept payments with Apple Pay

Give buyers the freedom to pay with Apple Pay®. Make payment authentication easy with Face ID or Touch ID.

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Support user choice

Millions of users choose Apple Pay as their favorite way to pay.

Safe & secure

Sensitive data is secured on the device. Buyers checkout securely with Face ID or Touch ID on Apple devices.

Web standards

Use the W3C Payment Request API for a native solution that's built into the browser & compatible with other payment methods.

Universal transfers

Apple Pay payments are processed with the same integration as every other payment rail on Moov.

Simple setup with Moov

Enable Apple Pay for the accounts that accept card payments. Moov makes it easy to work with Apple Pay & add it to your checkout flow.

  • Register & verify domains for merchants.
  • Use the Payment Request API standard to start & complete the Apple Pay session.
  • Submit a payment token to Moov to charge the card.

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