Just launched: Test mode

Whether you’re a developer, product manager, or just a curious builder exploring our money movement platform, one thing is critical as you get going: the ability to play, interact, and test—quickly. You might find yourself in “guess and check” mode and need to see how the thing you’re building interacts with our services. This is the beauty of our new test mode—you can pound the same operation over and over until things are just right—all without sending any real money.

Once you’ve signed up with Moov, you’ll see a production account and a test account. The test account lets you interact with the Moov platform without moving actual money. We make it easy to switch between production and test mode—saving you time and clicks so you can keep building.

test mode account switch

We designed test mode with your needs in mind. It has been our most requested feature over the past month, and that’s what we aim to do: turn your feedback into actual features.

Here are a few ways we’ve made test mode easy to use.

Test mode API key

Looking for a reliable and automated way to test your integration in your CI/CD pipeline? A test mode API key ensures that your integration with Moov continues to work on every build and deploy. Create an API key specific to the test account to get started. We suggest naming the API key to help you remember that it’s for testing purposes.

test mode account switch

Fast-forward the verification process

Get going quickly without having to wait on the typical account verification process. When you request a capability for an individual or business, the account will automatically receive the verified status, even though Moov has not made any actual verification checks. Automatically setting each account to verified keeps you moving so you can test different capabilities without waiting.

Transfers automatically complete

Any transfer made in test mode will automatically receive the completed status. Simulated failed or reversed failures are coming soon.

Micro-deposits succeed

Need to simulate micro-deposits? No problem. Micro-deposits initiated in test mode won’t send, but you can still verify the bank account by entering $0.00. Inputting any other amount causes the bank account verification not to be complete.

Happy testing

We hope you’ll use test mode to get familiar with how your software connects with Moov. It’s a great way to sanity-check your features to see that everything is doing what it should. Then, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when you’re ready to go live and launch.

Looking for docs?
Here’s our how-to documentation for test mode.

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