Why I joined Moov: Seth Livingston

Truth be told, my story isn’t like some of the other stories shared by my team members. For starters, I found Moov the same way most people find a new job. I clicked through job listings and skimmed posts for keywords. If a role matched my basic requirements, I’d modify an existing cover letter and apply.

That’s how I came to join Moov as a senior software engineer.

It’s not a glamorous story, I know. But up to this point in my career, I didn’t really care what company I worked for. Like many job seekers, I’d join any team in any industry as long as it checked the compensation, job description, and location boxes. It wasn’t until a few months into my role with Moov that I realized I’d been going about my career all wrong.

I’ll never forget the moment.

I was working the booth at Moov’s fintech_devcon conference. The attendees were buzzing. The energy in the room was contagious. People were crowding around the booth, and two guys approached me. I expected the typical tradeshow equation of feigned interest plus sales pitch equals free swag. But right out of the gate, they just wanted to talk about their vision for the world. They explained how intimidating it can be to find mental health treatment options. They described how they’re building something that actually matters to people seeking treatment. Throughout our talk, I was floored by their sincerity and conviction. Then, they thanked me because their mission was made possible with Moov.

Wow! What a wonderful and heartwarming interaction, I thought. Two strangers who are making real change in this world visited our booth and pitched Moov back to us! It’ll be the highlight of my day. But then, the day progressed and it kept happening.

One after another, I heard stories about Moov solving money movement woes and saving companies time and money, which meant they could focus on solving the important issues tied to their mission.

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That’s when it hit me.

Moov wasn’t just some company I found on a job site; it was something special. Never in my life had I felt such pride for a company, the values, and the team who work hard to make it happen. All these years, I approached my career with the same indifference as buying produce. I’d look at a stack of oranges, pick a few that seemed ok and checked the simplest boxes (Is it orange? Check. Is it round? Check.). Then, I’d accept whatever fate they held for me: sour, bitter, or—if lucky—sweet. And like with most of my produce, the job would linger far past its expiration date until I finally decided it was time to say goodbye.

Since joining Moov, I’ve developed a new philosophy on life and my career. And if I could go back in time to my younger self or impart my wisdom to other job seekers out there, this is what I’d say.

Find something about the company that reflects you

I know not everyone has the luxury to be choosy, but whatever job you land, my advice is to actively hunt for something that speaks to you. I know the job market is difficult, especially if you desperately need a job. But when you can, try to find a company that mirrors something about you, whether it’s the values, behaviors, product, processes, or team.

In the past, I treated work like an exchange. It was a get-it-done transaction. And honestly, that’s how I was treated in return. That’s not to say I didn’t like the companies or the people I worked with, but there wasn’t enough meaning behind what I did each day. Since joining Moov, I now realize there’s more to work than just completing tasks for compensation. It is possible to find a company you connect with that also checks those basic requirement boxes.

At Moov, we’re changing the payments space so companies can fulfill their mission—a purpose with which I wholeheartedly align. But my connection with Moov is deeper than that. At its core, from the top-down, the company lives by principles that speak to my heart. My two favorites are:

Reciprocate trust
Have each other’s backs, be open to feedback, and, despite differences of opinions or past experiences, always assume positive intent.
Be radically transparent
Share ideas, progress, wins, obstacles, frustrations, and gratitude.

And I mean it when I say we live by these values. At past companies, sharing wins was easy, but sharing mistakes was risky. At Moov, we openly share mistakes knowing that we’re made stronger because of it. The team freely shares ideas, problems, and gratitude, creating a space of endless support and inspiration.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to work for the most compelling purpose-led or mission-led company to find yourself. Re-engaging with your job and finding something you love doesn’t require a grand gesture or change. Whether it’s at a new role or a current one, focus on how the work affects others. Actively remind yourself of the value you bring. And look for something, anything that excites you.

Everyone deserves to find meaning in their role. I’d wish I’d known this years ago. Life is just too short. Look for a career that brings a sense of purpose and reflects who you are.

Find coworkers who will help you grow

I used to strive to be the most respected engineer at work. I wanted to be the one everyone came to for advice; the person who solved every problem; the team member with the most impressive experience. I eventually accomplished that goal a few times, but now I realize that was the wrong mindset and actually consider those lost years in my career.

Since joining Moov, I’ve learned what it’s like to surround yourself with coworkers who can and want to nourish you. Instead of striving to be the best, I’m finding joy and happiness by accepting I have a lot to learn and a lot to share with others. Almost daily, a team member teaches me how to solve problems I’ve never experienced, and I get to teach them something in return—all without judgment, ego, or rivalry.

My Moov coworkers know how to:

  • Build systems that sustain thousands of transactions per second
  • Send financial transactions directly to ACH, card, RTP, and other payment rails
  • Authenticate and authorize API calls in 10ms
  • Design onboarding workflows that engage and dazzle users

Working with such intelligent, kind, and collaborative people who help me level up each day is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I’ve learned that if you walk away from your workday feeling fulfilled or like you’ve grown in some way, if you’re constantly telling friends, family, and strangers about the work your company does—you’re doing it right.

This is my experience since joining Moov—and why you should join, too.

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