Why we're hosting fintech_devcon

The fintech developer community has exploded. While the growth has been happening for a while, 2020 saw an exponential expansion. This explosion has created a massive demand for education and brought a new wave of developers into the space. It’s time they all met.

While planning our 2021 events season we looked for a flagship fintech developer conference to participate in. After much searching, it became clear that what we were looking for didn’t exist. In our careers, we’ve all attended events that left us feeling inspired. We wanted to participate in something that provided serious value to the developers. An event for the people who write the code that moves trillions of dollars through apps and platforms. Something created for developers, by developers.

That event didn’t exist. That’s why we’re proud to present fintech_devcon.

We were inspired by events like GopherCon, DEF CON, and other community-driven developer conferences. Our goal is to create the flagship event for fintech developers to join and share. To inspire one another. To build meaningful connections. For too long the knowledge of how to create a great financial product has been locked in jargon-laden PDFs or in the heads of industry experts.

With fintech_devcon we’re borrowing a mantra from the TechStars community, “Give First.” This sentiment has been instrumental in building communities around the world. By bringing this mindset into the fintech ecosystem we hope to democratize the once walled gardens of payments, compliance, finance, and more.

Every great technological advancement has at its core a community of engineers. They meet and discuss wild ideas and argue over the best techniques. We hope that fintech_devcon can serve as the first of many places for this budding community to join, share, learn and create.

We hope you’ll join us.

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