5 reasons to attend fintech_devcon

After announcing fintech_devcon earlier this year, we’ve been blown away by the positive response. Not only are developers eager to finally attend a conference dedicated to them, but it’s exciting to see that people are ready for in-person events again. While there’s certainly a draw for a chance to finally dust off your suitcase and pack clothes other than sweatpants, we’d also like to provide a business case for attending fintech_devcon.

1. Get a fresh perspective from other experts

If you didn’t already know, fintech_devcon is hosted by Moov, but it’s not your run-of-the-mill conference. It’s not a product showcase or a sales conference. This two-day event is solely focused on the tools and best practices used by developers in fintech today. Every speaker is a builder, just like the attendees, and they’ll use their first-hand knowledge to cover a wide range of topics from banking and payments to investing and compliance.

Unlike other conferences, our speakers aren’t paid. Instead, every presenter was hand-selected to share their unique perspective and they ecstatically agreed to participate in the first-ever developer conference. We’re honored to have these big hitters joining us as key speakers:

Angela Strange
Angela is known for coining the famous phrase, “Everything is going to be fintech.” As an incredibly talented GP at a16z, she knows the vital role developers play in the fintech ecosystem. On September 8, she’ll feed our minds and hearts with a spotlight on the role of developers in this ever-changing space.

Tom Adams
Tom is the head of engineering at CashApp. Running one of the largest engineering organizations in the B2C fintech space is not easy. In his fireside chat, Tom will share the nitty gritty details of breaking tech news and system meltdowns. He’ll also talk about the secret sauce behind his team’s consistent delivery of elegant products and how they’re making them accessible to the masses.

Ben Milne
Quite possibly one the most well-respected founders in fintech, Ben is the legend behind Dwolla and his latest project, the V-Sum event series. Ben’s built high-quality developer experiences in fintech since before many of us could drive. Perhaps it’s his midwestern modesty, but Ben is someone who treats everyone with kindness and will teach us all a thing or two about how to bolster our development teams.

Brandon Dewitt
Brandon is the co-founder and CTO at MX. Brandon is an icon who’s built so many fintech solutions that he has his own swag. He’s run one of the largest bank connectivity companies and he’s primed to help others build something great.

In addition to these speakers, we have an entire lineup of the best of the best fintech minds, so don’t forget to check out our full speaker list and learn more about their role in our conference agenda.

2. Expand your network and discover new services

An obvious benefit of attending fintech_devcon is the networking opportunities. Having hundreds of like-minded builders and software developers congregated in the same space offers the chance to meet new people, uncover fresh ideas, and to discover new services. Learn from builders at top-notch fintech companies like MX, Synctera, Chime, Alloy, HMBradley, and many more.

Whether you’re new to the fintech space or a seasoned veteran, it’s a relatively small ecosystem, so the chance of running into the same people overtime is highly likely. As this sector grows, it’s important to make associations early on to ensure your team is connected to the right people at the right time. Whether it’s future talent, partnerships, or finding a go-to group of developers capable of helping you solve everyday business problems, fintech_devcon is the perfect place to gather prominent contacts.

3. Gain insights into teams, job roles, and new skill sets

In addition to meeting potential coworkers, friends, or co-founders, you can learn about team structures, processes, and best practices from other industry professionals. Attendees can also learn how to benefit from highly-specialized skills, technology, or other resources to improve productivity.

Through carefully-crafted workshops, we’re giving attendees actionable and highly-valuable content that doesn’t exist anywhere else. For example, we’re offering a workshop designed to drill down into the nitty gritty of Amazon’s QLDB product. Omi Reza Chowdhury built his entire product on this platform and knows how to wield it with precision. He’ll be sharing insights from years of development work that would otherwise be trapped in his head.

4. Build your company’s brand—and yours too

Software developers know their product inside-out, which is why fintech_devcon is the perfect place to build your company’s brand. For both new and established brands, positioning your company as a thought leader is as easy as joining conversations, asking questions, and providing recommendations. With numerous opportunities for networking, Q&A, and meet-ups, attendees can also build their own brand while interacting with other technical leaders. You never know what partnerships or opportunities might arise after establishing new connections.

5. Celebrate the low price and scholarship opportunities

Fintech_devcon is on a mission to share the conference with everyone, not just those with a company conference expense allowance. In addition to a more affordable entry price, we’re also offering scholarships for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Winners will receive a free ticket and have their travel and hotel costs completely covered as well. If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship, please apply here.

In addition, we’re also offering discounts to pre-series A startups and anyone who is a student at a traditional university or coding bootcamp. If you’re interested in our startup or student discount, apply here.

We hope you join us at the first-ever conference dedicated to fintech developers. Our early adopter prices end June 30. Tickets are selling quickly, so we hope to see you in Denver, Colorado on September 7-9.

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