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Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Aaron Bell
A few years ago, a fintech company came to me with a formidable task. “We’d like you to build a new product in four months,” they said, straight-faced and so matter-of-factly that the engineer in me felt an exciting adrenaline rush followed by a pragmatic gag reflex.

Culture • 3 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Jared Jones
In 2014 I had the privilege of joining a small San Francisco-based fintech startup. I worked with some incredible people, and we achieved impressive results along the way.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Vince Xiao
My path to working at an embedded payments startup isn’t as straightforward as I would’ve hoped. In college, I studied finance and computer science with the singular goal of joining a big hedge fund as a programmer.

Culture • 2 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Josephine Roh
Edtech. Fintech. B2B consulting. I’ve dabbled in several different industries, but I’ve always found ways to incorporate writing into my previous roles, from customer success to UX research and analytics.

Culture • 4 minute read

Why I joined Moov—Walt Cox
Financial Services in the US thrive on legacy technology. They are shrouded in payment jargon operating on top of COBOL systems processing trillions of dollars with text-based files.