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Why I joined Moov: Devin Beliveau
I’ve been interested in computers and technology since my family got its first Apple computer in the 90s. I spent my time creating LiveJournal themes in HTML, and being in awe of the Space Jam website (it was a very different time).
Why I joined Moov: Henry Kivett
You know that weird, quiet kid in the back of the class? That was me. When I wasn’t nose-down in a dog-eared paperback, I was furiously writing stories in my wrinkly legal pad.
How Moov creates a top 50 remote culture
Moov just made Built In’s list of the top 50 fully remote startups to work for in the U.S. and Purpose Job’s Best Remote Places to Work in 2023, and while everyone here is thrilled that our workplace culture has received recognition for the second year in a row, it got me thinking.
Why I joined Moov: Holly Caliri
I used to tell my dad, who was a career military man, that I wanted to be a pilot. And I didn’t mean commercial or cargo flights—I wanted to fly fighter jets.
Why I joined Moov: Morgan Bonham
My design career started at the age of six when I got my first Polaroid camera. I was obsessed with taking photos, and I started out by taking a photo of every family member, friend, or stranger who would let me, as well as many portraits of the family dog dressed up in my clothes.
Why I joined Moov: Steve Nigri
Chaucer was right; life is a lot like the Canterbury Tales. If you haven’t read the stories, the takeaway is that life is more than just a pilgrimage; it’s about the people you meet along your journey.
Expressing gratitude at Moov
The end of the year is fast approaching, and it’s time to pause and reflect on our immense gratitude. Let us share some of the things for which we are thankful.
Why I joined Moov: Adam Shannon
Growing up, I was unable to talk. Speaking was difficult for me because of a severe stutter. Imagine being excited to share something with your friends, family, or bullies, but then your throat collapses in and completely locks.
Why I joined Moov: Carrie Dolan
Life has a funny way of trying to fit people into similar molds. The human brain makes sense of the world through order, so when square peg people don’t fit into the round holes of society, things get uncomfortable.
Why I joined Moov: Scott Wittrock
Be an architect—that was the result of my high school career aptitude test. That short, generic quiz somehow felt so official, but it failed to teach me anything about myself.
Why I joined Moov: Josh Sadler
Not many people can say that the Scholastic book catalog set their entire career in motion. While other fourth-graders chose books like Animorphs and Goosebumps, I decided to purchase an HTML book for kids.
Why I joined Moov: Joel Tosi
Why did I join Moov? Well, it all started back in 2001, when a much younger Joel Tosi entered the payments world with a head full of hair and a heart full of childlike idealism.
Why I joined Moov: Aaron Bell
A few years ago, a fintech company came to me with a formidable task. “We’d like you to build a new product in four months,” they said, straight-faced and so matter-of-factly that the engineer in me felt an exciting adrenaline rush followed by a pragmatic gag reflex.
Why I joined Moov: Jared Jones
In 2014 I had the privilege of joining a small San Francisco-based fintech startup. I worked with some incredible people, and we achieved impressive results along the way.
Why I joined Moov: Vince Xiao
My path to working at an embedded payments startup isn’t as straightforward as I would’ve hoped. In college, I studied finance and computer science with the singular goal of joining a big hedge fund as a programmer.
Why I joined Moov: Josephine Roh
Edtech. Fintech. B2B consulting. I’ve dabbled in several different industries, but I’ve always found ways to incorporate writing into my previous roles, from customer success to UX research and analytics.