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Why we're hosting fintech_devcon

The fintech developer community has exploded. While the growth has been happening for a while, 2020 saw an exponential expansion. This explosion has created a massive demand for education and brought a new wave of developers into the space.

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Announcing Moov’s $27M Series A Round

We started Moov in 2017 to lend a trusted hand to developers building or integrating financial products. After more than 15 years of experience developing solutions in digital banking, core banking, and payments, we knew that banking infrastructure could be better.

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Making Moov

First of all, hi, we’re Moov. We’re a new company with a mission to bring joy to developers tasked with building on top of the United States banking and payments infrastructure.

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Why I joined Moov - Walt Cox

Financial Services in the US thrive on legacy technology, shrouded in payment jargon operating on top of COBOL systems processing trillions of dollars with text-based files. So how does one embark on the ancient wilderness of US payment systems?

Company • 3 minute read

Why I joined Moov - Graham McBain

Why did I join a Fintech company after spending so many years working in cryptocurrency? For many people this path seems backwards, if not downright heretical. After spending so much energy working to build a new financial system why did I choose to work on the old one?