Our mission

Enable organizations to focus all of their time on building amazing new things—and zero time learning low-level banking protocols that aren’t a differentiator.

woman working on laptop
woman working on laptop

What we do.

Moov provides developers with a platform that takes the complexity out of embedded payments. We want you to focus on your customers and deliver exceptional user experiences—not worrying about banking protocols, security, or compliance.

We take a developer-first approach of being built on open source, portable to cloud providers or on-premises, modular for customization, and decoupled from any single bank program.

  • Open source
  • Portable
  • Modular
  • Decoupled

With thousands of developers engaged in our community, we’re creating the de facto standard for embedded banking.

Who we are.

We are industry veterans with experience in digital banking, core banking, fintech, and payments. We’ve built products used by millions of people, and when we needed Moov, it wasn’t there. So we built it.

Wade Arnold
Wade Arnold Founder & CEO Golden, CO
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Founder & President Cedar Falls, IA
Carrie Dolan
Carrie Dolan Chief People Officer Denver, CO
Josephine Roh
Josephine Roh Product Docs Berkeley, CA
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Sales Houston, TX
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell Software Engineering Golden, CO
Kristen Kosnak
Kristen Kosnak Recruiting Golden, CO
Graham McBain
Graham McBain Community Carmichael, CA
Vince Xiao
Vince Xiao Software Engineering West Covina, CA
JJ Philipp
JJ Philipp Software Architecture Cedar Falls, IA
Josh Sadler
Josh Sadler Product Cedar Falls, IA
Adam Shannon
Adam Shannon Engineering & Infrastructure Albany, OR
Pavel Gabriel
Pavel Gabriel Software Engineering Białystok, Poland
Steve Nigri
Steve Nigri Sales Atlanta, GA
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith Operations Cedar Falls, IA
Daniel Tonks
Daniel Tonks Software Engineering Lehi, UT
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Software Engineering West Jordan, UT
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Software Engineering Sandy, UT
Nate Lakritz
Nate Lakritz Open Source Docs San Jose, CA
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen Frontend Engineering Tulsa, OK
Brooke LeBlanc
Brooke LeBlanc Sales New York, NY
Alden Spence
Alden Spence Design Reno, NV
Bryan Mccarty
Bryan Mccarty Marketing Minneapolis, MN
Webb Henderson
Webb Henderson Design Denver, CO
Nic Woods
Nic Woods Frontend Engineering Clive, IA
Orlando Santos
Orlando Santos Program East Hartford, CT
Seth Livingston
Seth Livingston Frontend Engineering Murphy, TX
Scott Wittrock
Scott Wittrock Product Philadelphia, PA
Alex Plant
Alex Plant DevOps San Diego, CA
Charles Sander
Charles Sander Product San Francisco, CA
Brad Bialas
Brad Bialas Card and Payments Chicago, IL
Logan Hendricks
Logan Hendricks Software Engineering Logan, UT
Zach Bartlett
Zach Bartlett Software Engineering Moore, OK
Michael Vienneau
Michael Vienneau Software Engineering Denver, CO
Hamp Goodwin
Hamp Goodwin Software Engineering Denver, CO
Kola Awe
Kola Awe Software Engineering Brooklyn, NY

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